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Conversion to EASA?


Conversion to EASA?

What about the conversions ?
Europe seems to make some effort to allow conversion of FAA certificates to European EASA licenses on reasonable terms.

But one thing is certain:
EASA Authorities needed more than a decade to enact this (idiot) European legislation. They were always thinking that FAA standards are much lower than EASA standards. What is absolute nonsense especially with the knowledge that the FAA taught the Europeans how to fly and to make their flying legislation.
(Think about the requirements for EASA frozen ATPL etc.)

Who taught the world to fly? The Europeans or the Americans?
Who has the best collection of materials for learning to fly with maps, books and the exchange of knowledge?
The Americans have them all!

It is not realistic that the FAA certificates ever will be converted without training or testing towards EASA licenses.

Should the opposite occur, than the new European regulations would have no need anymore.

Besides that: Remember that a FAA certificate is valid for life if you keep the privileges current!

The new European IFR routes are unusable too, for FAA pilots who usually fly IFR, since you can legally only take off, fly and land under VFR regulations.

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